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Greenlaw Mill Farm

Bert Locker in 1946, High Street, Belmont Lancashire

Winter 2009 at Greenlaw Mill Farm
In 2009 winter hit hard with snow that lay for six weeks. In late November up to eighteen inches of snow accumulating on the ground over three days. At one point the weight of the snow on the roof of a barn meant that it collapsed in on to a pen of bulls. Thankfully no animals were hurt.

Hoggs coming home for clipping, May 2009


Ewes crossing the River Blackadder with care - coming home for scanning, 2009


Reserve Champion, Border Union, Kelso 2007 Edingale Jacob Sheep Champion Kelso 2002  a favourite ewe

Robert Locker

Greenlaw Mill Farm, Greenlaw Berwickshire, TD10 6UB
01361 810283 / 07765 896665